Marcel Salyev, head of Business Strategy Management at Otkritie Bank’s Business Development Strategy Department, talks about the qualities that distinguish talented employees, why Otkritie sees ICEF as a provider of talent, and how financial institutions increase their cooperation with universities.
March 14
Out of his love for geography, Alexander Demin decided to study logistics, and then out of his love for teaching, he chose not to move to Italy. In this interview with HSE Age-mates, he explained how HSE University shaped his personality, which students are more interesting to work with, and why empathy is important in a university environment.
March 10
Alexander Loktionov was born in Lyon, studied and works in Cambridge, and in 2022 launched a new Egyptology programme at the HSE Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies (IOCS). In this interview with the HSE University Age-mates project, he spoke about the Horus on the Crocodiles stele, the emblems and gilding of St. John’s College, the attitude of modern Egyptians towards the pyramids, and his hope of uniting Russian and Western Egyptological traditions.
February 21
On February 5, the finals and award ceremony of the VK Cup ‘22/23 IT championship took place. The competition comprised two qualifying stages and one final stage. There were more than 5,000 applications for the qualifying stages, with a total of 80 participants making it to the finals.
February 15
In his youth, HSE University graduate Sergei Mikhaylov wanted to become a diplomat, but after earning a degree in history, he ended up working in computational linguistics. In this interview with Age-mates, he talks about working with pharmaceutical companies, John Austin’s speech act theory, and how one infinity can be greater than another.
January 27
What happens when a love for research knows no limit? It leads to a career in academia. How to start off on the right foot in science? What makes a young scientist successful in the eyes of the academic community and what do they do in postdoc programmes? Vladislav Khvostov, a graduate of the HSE University School of Psychology who is currently doing research in a postdoc programme at the University of Iceland, explained this and more to Success Builder.
January 16