Eight graduates of the 2021 Bachelor's programme in Design and Contemporary Art at the HSE Art and Design School presented their projects at the Diploma21 exhibition, which recently opened at the HSE ART GALLERY. Each installation is the culmination of a whole year of work by the artists, who reflect on different themes, explore, criticise, and construct a specific language of communication.
May 17
The new instalment of Age-Mates features Vardan Arutyunyan, junior researcher at the Center for Language and Brain and an HSE PhD student. In this interview, he explains how he came to work at the Center, why he chose to study brain mechanisms of speech impairment in children with autism and what he is striving to achieve in this field.
May 16
Alina Akinshina earned her fourth university degree when she completed the HSE Corporate Research, Development and Innovation Management programme. She is now the CEO of Online Patent, an intellectual property protection company, and teaches at the HSE Department of Innovation Management. In this interview with Success Builder, she explains how to study in a new programme, what intellectual rights are and why innovation doesn’t always pertain to technology.
May 13
This new instalment of Age-Mates visits Sofia Litvinova, HSE graduate and Deputy Director of the Department of Multilateral Economic Cooperation and Special Projects of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. She explained how she decided to enrol at HSE Universtiy, why university graduates need global thinking, and what the Japanese and Russians have in common.
May 11
ICEF graduate Nare Meloyan is now a researcher at the Sberbank Laboratory of Neurosciences and Human Behaviour. After ICEF, she enrolled in a master’s programme at the HSE Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience and successfully used her education in finance to work in cognition studies. In this interview with Success Builder, Ms Meloyan explained how programming skills help in research, how she used an original approach to get a job and the way Sber tries to understand how the human brain works.
April 29
In April 2022, HSE University’s 'Master of Data Science’  Programme held their first online graduation ceremony in English.  17 out of the 48 students completed their studies with distinction.
April 15