On Campus

‘Listen to Your Inner Voice When Choosing Your Life's Path’

Evgenia Kondrashina graduated with honours from the International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) bachelor’s programme in 2005 before going on to receive her master’s from the London School of Economics. An excellent student, Evgenia for a long time thought that the next logical step would be a prestigious career at a top English consulting firm, but the idea of following in others’ footsteps doesn’t make everyone happy. Evgenia deviated from this trajectory and found herself in one of the world’s leading orchestras – the London Symphony Orchestra – where she continues to work today.

HSE Awards Its Best Alumni

HSE Awards Its Best Alumni
On October 16, Roll Hall was the scene of the annual meeting of HSE graduates for the HSE Alumni Awards ceremony.

'I Believe That Everything Will Work out for the Best'

International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) MA graduate Maria Titova will this year continue her studies at the University of California, San Diego (US), where she will study for a PhD in Economics. Maria has received an offer of studying, fully funded, on 8 different PhD programmes in the United States and Great Britain, including University of Wisconsin - Madison, University of Rochester, Boston University, Boston College, Pennsylvania State University, Washington University in Saint-Louis, University College London, and the Vienna Graduate School of Economics.

An Excursion to the Sky

In July, students from the HSE Extreme Sports Club planted the university’s flag at the top of Mount Elbrus, one of the world’s highest peaks. Garry Rutberg, one of the club’s leaders, and Alexandra Oleinikova, an HSE alumna and the club’s guide, tell us about the complicated nature of the mountain, ways of fighting hypoxia, and what it’s like to walk amongst the clouds.

‘We Really Enjoy Hosting Internships for Bachelor’s and Master’s Students’

‘We Really Enjoy Hosting Internships for Bachelor’s and Master’s Students’
Maxim Brodovsky, a graduate of HSE’s Faculty of Management, now the Faculty of Business and Management, currently works as the Director of the hotels Holiday Inn Moscow – Lesnaya and Holiday Inn Moscow – Suschevsky. In an interview with HSE, Brodovsky talks about students in the Experience Economy: Hospitality and Tourism Management programme, the perks of working in a hotel, and the future of the hotel business in Russia.

The Audience Must Be Ready to Fall in Love

10th June is the date for the annual Miss HSE beauty contest. Every year the same team of graduates gathers to organise it.  They are convinced that working on this project helped their professional development. One of the organising committee members, HSE alumnus Yuri Korchagin talked to HSE News about how to run a large-scale event without any money, why Miss HSE is better than Miss Russia and how to observe the rules of the genre in an academic environment.

HSE Students and Alumni in Charity Run

HSE Law Faculty alumni Oksana Akhmedova and Tatiana Zolotukhina won prizes at the annual Moscow Legal Run at VDNKh. 62 HSE students worked as volunteer organisers of the run.

Star Wars Party to Launch Graduates

The club Space Moscow will become a spaceship for one night to whisk HSE graduates away into the film fantasy world of Star Wars. Guests will greet one another with, ‘May the HSE be with you!’ assured that this is just the beginning and HSE is the launch pad for their journey into a new life.

‘HSE Family’ Social Network Helps You Find Your Friends, Vote and Organise Events

‘HSE Family’ Social Network Helps You Find Your Friends, Vote and Organise Events
HSE Family is a new social networking website in Russian and English for graduates, students and teachers on all HSE campuses.

Our Colleague Needs Help

Dear students and colleagues, we are asking you to help a fellow member of the HSE family. Ksenia Kapranova, a graduate of HSE Nizhny Novgorod’s Faculty of Law, has recently been diagnosed with diffuse astrocytoma of the left parietal and temporal lobes and is in need of an urgent and expensive operation that can only be done in the U.S. or Germany.