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The HSE Alumni Academic Fellowship is a new programme aimed at reinforcing cooperation and communication among academically successful HSE graduates and the University’s community at large.

HSE is very proud of its academic graduates and is interested in working with them in various formats. In order to stimulate this kind of cooperation, we are announcing a competition to receive funding for visits of academic graduates to HSE so that they may conduct lectures and workshops. Furthermore, visiting alumni will have the opportunity to work with a research assistant to carry out research and prepare joint publications.



Applications are accepted till August 31, 2019

Information about the results will be sent to the applicants till September 30, 2019

Terms of Participation

  • must hold a university degree (undergraduate, specialist’s or Master’s) from HSE;
  • must be working in a teaching or research position at a leading international university or research institution (for graduates who are not studying at the moment of their application);
  • must have been studying at the time of the application for at least three full years as part of a doctoral programme at a leading international university or research institution (for graduates who are studying at the moment of their application).


  • Completed application form.
  • The plan of academic cooperation:
    • Description of the research project the graduate is working on. Information of the nessessity to involve research assistant from HSE teachers, postgraduates or students.
    • Description of the role and tasks of a research assistant in the project.
    • Description of activities (topics of lectures, master classes, seminars, etc.) during the visit of a graduate to HSE.
    • Expected results of cooperation (joint publications, speeches at conferences, etc.).
  • Visit programme (by day):
    • A description of the main activities and their content (for example, the topics of meetings, lectures, master classes, etc.) on each of the days.
  • Resume (CV).
  • Motivation letter.
  • List of expenses (estimates).


Funding for the graduate’s visit may include the following costs:

  • airline tickets (economy class) and railway tickets (compartment carriages);
  • accommodation – as a rule, at the HSE Professors’ Guesthouse (if the visit is in Moscow); accommodation in other hotels (not more than three-star) is possible as per the Committee’s decision;
  • internal transfers (taxi airport – hotel – airport; hotel – university);
  • payment to a research assistant to work jointly on a research project with the graduate, selected from HSE’s staff or students;
  • fee for the graduate, including insurance contributions (if necessary);
  • invitation and visa costs (if necessary).

*Per diem allowances, medical insurance, and other costs related to the graduate’s visit to HSE shall not be reimbursed.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be considered by the HSE Short Visit Support Committee. The committee’s criteria are listed below:


the graduate’s high academic potential (published papers, presentations at conferences, participation in research projects etc);


the high status of the university (research institution) and/or the department where the graduate works or studies;


prospects for establishing or developing an institutional partnership with the university (research institution) where the graduate works or studies;


opportunities for co-funding by the inviting HSE department, or the graduate themselves.

Our cooperation with graduates and alumni is not limited to the HSE Alumni Academic Fellowship programme. If you are an HSE graduate and would like to speak about your research and academic work, find partners for joint projects, or just want to communicate with your alma-matter, please contact Nelli Pavlova (nellypavlova@hse.ru), Project Coordinator, and we’ll try and find a suitable form for cooperation.