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Partners' Offers


Burger Heroes

Burger Heroes is a federal chain with attractive prices. The menu features gourmet burgers with a cutlet of marble beef on buns baked using special recipes with house-made sauces and unusual combinations of ingredients.

Our approach is to make the most honest burgers. You pay only for the high quality products and our labour. That is why our prices start from 240 rubles.

However, better see once than hear about it ten times. Or rather, taste these burgers! So see you at Burger Heroes!





10% discount


This little cozy to-go coffee shop is located in Prospect Mira. Here, you can find freshly roasted specialty coffee with low-lactose or alternative milk (soybean, oatmeal, coconut, almond), premium cocoa Barry Callebaut and great variety of latte teas (tea with spices).

In addition, there are some sandwiches, along with delicious cookies, doughnuts and desserts available at attractive prices. For children accompanied by adults we can offer free beibicino.

DISCOUNT: discount is valid upon the presentation of Alumni Card

Address: Bld. 8, 124 Prospect Mira, Moscow

Mob. +7 965 329-00-20



20% discount

Oblepikha Teahouse

It is a new format of a cozy tea-party in a dynamic city, where you can try unique fruit, herbal and other teas with natural ingredients, fresh berries and herbs, brewed according to  special recipes collected from different parts of the globe!

We prepare the best fruit-berry teas (sea-buckthorn, strawberry-basil, mango-maracuja and others), leaf teas (black, green), herbal teas (from Siberia) and other unconventional teas (curry, matcha and others). Our teas are made with special care—from sweet forest raspberry and juicy Thai mango to Siberian herbal fees, fragrant mint and northern honey.

In addition, you can make tea on your own. We can surprise every client—from a tea-show to unique surprise-wishes with every mug of tea!

DISCOUNT:  valid with Alumni Card



ALUMNI promocode

Ballet Moscow

The Theatre Ballet Moscow is an innovative dance company, which merges contemporary dance and ballet to create a unique artistic vision.

The repertoire is exclusively created for the company by up-coming and established Russian and international choreographers. It puts special emphasis on professional development of new trends in choreography and dance and follows the newest dance tendencies, which will take their place in the history of dance as it is being written.

The Theatre Ballet Moscow performs at different venues in Moscow: from small cozy modern Meyerhold Centre to the large and historical venues such as architectural monument of Russian constuctivism Cultural Centre ZIL.

You are welcome to enjoy the classical, neoclassical and contemporary ballet and dance with us!

Buy a ticket:
8 (495) 607 0457
8 (916) 786 1026





Moscow State Symphony Orchestra (Music Director & Chief Conductor Pavel Kogan)

The MSSO was founded in 1943 by the Government of the USSR and is one of the oldest symphony orchestras in Russia. 

The MSSO has earned respect and love of audience in Russia and worldwide for its variety of programs and consistently high quality of performances. The orchestra regularly performs in the Great Hall of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.

Address: 1/2 Spartakovskaya Ploschad, Moscow


HSEALUMNI promocode

Moscow Music Community

We came together to bring academic music of all genres and forms to the widest audience. It is important for us to expand the musical outlook.

Our programs are always original and elegant. We perform in wonderful halls, presenting the original repertoire that combines recognized classical hits and modern works.

Address: Bld. 1, 53, Baumanskaya Ulitsa, Moscow


60% discount until 2020, December 31

HSEALUMNI promocode

Belcanto Fund

Belcanto Fund has been successfully developing since 2006 and is a leader among Russian and Foreign concert organizations.

Belcanto has held more than 6,000 of concerts of classical, jazz, organ and ethnic music in 80 different halls around Moscow (St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral, Moscow Conservatory, Pushkin State Museum, Ilya Glazunov Gallery, Darwin Museum, Arkhangelskoe Estate, Museum Ar Deco, Illusion Cinema, Russian Auction House, Mansion on Volhonka, Moscow City Complex, State Kremlin Palace, Bashmet Center, Petrovsky Palace, Pashkov House, etc.).

Each concert is a magical organ show of light, music, multimedia projections, sand animation and water animation to Ebru, accompanied by the best performers of the international level.

The Fund holds annual festivals with the participation of winners of international competitions, such as Road to Christmas, the annual international festival of arts Mystery, Sounds of the City, Ecology of the Soul.



HSEALUMNI promocode

Svoy Klutch Anticafe

It is a bright and cozy space for rest, work, study and communication in the heart of Moscow.

Here you will find 7 different rooms, each with its own atmosphere and character, where you can have fun with friends, play XboX and Playstation games, watch a film on a projector, explore a collection of more than 50 boardgames, as well as enjoy unlimited coffee from barista and leaf tea for only 240 rubles/hour.

In Svoy Klutch you can book a separate room for your events, as well as attend various lectures, seminars, workshops, and trainings.

Address: Bld. 4, 4 ul. Solyanka, Moscow

Working hours: every day from 10 am till 11 pm

Tel.: +7(495) 662-99-02

10% discount

HSEALUMNI promocode

Artplay Media

The Center creates multimedia exhibitions at the intersection of art and technology. The script of each exhibition is based on a study of artists' creativity and is prepared in cooperation with the world's leading museums.

The projects of the CCI allow us to study the works of great masters that come to life to music. They are perceived easily by the audience of all ages.

At the same time, as we have the unique technology of Cinema 360, an immersive effect is created—the audience can feel as if they are inside the paintings of artists without VR glasses. The total projection area is about 1000 sq.m.

Discount: the promocode is valid for buying tickets via the siteartplaymedia.ru/#ras

Address: Main hall, entrance 2, Bld.2, 10 Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya ulitsa, Moscow



Special Offer 

Pushkin Moscow Drama Theatre

One of the most popular theatres in Moscow, it successfully blends the legacy of its predecessor, the legendary Chamber Theatre, with modern art.

On both our stages you can see performances of outstanding masters and young experimental directors, modern drama and all time classics.

The audience is surprised by Ostrovsky's relevance, laughs at Figaro's jokes, watches Tartuf's pranks and falls in love with Shakespeare again!

DISCOUNT: special offers for HSE alumni

For more information, call 8 (495) 694-42-21

Address: 23 Tverskoy Bulvar





HSEREBOOT promocode for 10% discount


REBOOT is the first chain of premium Bootcamp-training studios in Russia.

REBOOT currently offers online workouts. Register for TEST DRIVE! Three workouts, FULL BODY, UPPER BODY и LOWER BODY, for 499 RUB

REBOOT EAST on Paveletskaya

4 Shluzovaya Naberezhnaya, (Rosso Riva)

REBOOT SW in Hamovniki

Bld. 1, 11 Timura Frunze Ulitsa (Demidov)



It's a stretching studio. Stretch with us easily and turn your body into art! We have turned stretching into pleasure! We are happy to teach others. Loving yourself means taking care about our body. Indulge yourself, come to training!

DISCOUNTS: valid upon presentation of Alumni Card

For trial training 50%,

For purchase of individual subscription: from 2000 rubles

Address: Bld. 2, 11 Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Ulitsa, Moscow


Moto Obraz

Our motorcycle school for children and adults invites everyone to study. If you love fascinating trips and want to ride for long distances, our instructors will help you master motorcycle riding.

In order to get your А1 license, you need to study at school. Our motorcycle school for children and adults offers classes all year round.

DISCOUNT: valid with the Alumni Card

1000 rubles if you fully prepay an intensive or a short course

Address: Bld. 17, 28A Yuzhnoportovaya Ulitsa, Moscow


HSEALUMNI promocode


It is an online English school of a new generation. In Skyeng there are professionals who help residents of big cities learn English quickly.

Discount: 2000 rubles discount on the first payment (Valid until 01.01.2021)


HSEALUMNI30 promocode with a 30% discount here

Wall Street English

International English language school that helps people achieve their goals in learning English. You will be able to travel, develop, get your dream job, find love and speak the international language!

Our benefits:

- Convenient schedule. You adapt the schedule to your life rhythm.

- Native speakers.

- Classes at a location of your choice. Book classes in any of 6 schools and have classes where it is comfortable.

- Personal mentor. Get help and support throughout your training.

- Events. You practice English in a relaxed atmosphere during parties, workshops, and brunches.

- Online application. Learn anytime from any place.

- Guaranteed result.

DISCOUNT: You can find more details on the site




HSEALUMNI promocode with a 15% discount


HSEALUMNI promocode with a 10% discount

MBA Strategy

More than test preparation. Since 2003, our main task has remained the same: to prepare every client for a significant jump in their career as well as to give high-quality education. The MBA Strategy team prepares you for rapid career growth: from drawing up an individual development plan with a mentor to helping you find a job in Russia or abroad after your education. Your achievements inspire us!

DISCOUNT: with Allumni Card in the office



FRIENDS promocode with a 15% discount


One of the first streetwear shops in Russia. If you are asked who was at the origin of streetwear in Russia, you can definitely say that it is 21SHOP, because we were among the first.

Since then fashion has changed direction, new brands were created, but we are still true to the principles of quality, accessibility and openness to the world.

Trying to keep up with the pace of urban life, we do not forget about the eternal values of good, friendship, care for the world around us and responsibility for everything that happens around us.

By promoting and developing street culture, we unite like-minded people around us. We support adrenaline sports athletes and people who lead an active and healthy lifestyle. It is important to us to have an environmentally friendly attitude to nature and a good taste in everything.

If you are looking for a place where the best streetwear brands are, 21SHOP is what you need. Welcome to the 21SHOP online store!

DISCOUNT: via promocode


ALUMNI15 promocode with a 15% discount


It is a brand of pins and bracelets from St. Petersburg.

We started in 2013 with the production of wooden badges and in a few years have grown into a full jewelry and accessories brand.

Our mission is to remind you of important and favorite things, to help you be more open to the world and to people, to unite like-minded people to go through life together.

DISCOUNT: via promocode

Website www.waf-waf.ru

HSEALUMNI promocode  

Morda Dovolna

Gifts store

It is a Moscow brand of gifts and souvenirs, the founder of which studied at HSE University, launching her shop in her second year.

It is possible to find ceramic cups, thermobottles, thermoses and thermal mugs, hot pads, cards, badges, notebooks, stickers, rugs for a computer mouse, bags, T-shirts, etc.

The product range is constantly expanding, and the designs for the Morda Dovolna store are always unique.

At the moment, the branded products are available in more than 20 stores throughout Russia, including such chains as Bukvoed, Red Pencil, Zaryadie Park, etc.

The promotional code applies to all gift products of the brand without restrictions on the minimum amount of the order. The promocode does not apply to shipping and items in the SALE section. This promocode is added to free shipping to any city of Russia when making an order of more than 3000 rubles (including discount).

Website: mordadovolna.com




HSEALUMNI promocode with a 15% discount  


Morda dovolna

Printing studio

In our studio you can create metal icons of any shape and color, print your drawings or designs on sturdy canvas bags, T-shirts, stickers and even enamelled travel mugs.

We offer low prices and high quality;

We help develop and prepare the layout for printing;

We are committed to the highest quality of the products;

Worldwide delivery. Free pick-up in Moscow.

The promocode applies to printing on any material, such as:

  • Canvas eco bags, black or white
  • Enameled metal mugs for hiking (application: hot decal. Application is possible on 1 or 2 sides of the circle. Application is possible with black-and-white or coloured paints);
  • Metal badges (development according to your design, minimum order from 50 pcs., any shape, up to 4 colours of enamel, butterfly lock);
  • White ceramic circles with your pattern;
  • Stickers (any size and any shape, with and without lamination. Any number of colours);
  • Cap icons (d = 38, 56 or 78 mm. Number of layouts: no more than 5. Any number of colours is possible);
  • Magnets (of any shape or size Number of layouts: not more than 5. Any number of colours is possible);
  • Printing on T-shirts;
  • Embroidery on T-shirts and sweatshops;
  • Corporate gifts.

30% discount is here 


Today LitRes, founded in 2005, is the leader in the market of licensed e-books in Russia and CIS countries. Winner of "Runet Prize-2014".

Litres offers:

- 1,000,000 e-books in Russian and foreign languages

- 48,000 free books

- 65,000 audiobooks

5,000 new books each month

The monthly audience of the company's services is 12.5 million people, who download more than 1.5 million books per month.

The company has developed 25 applications for reading and listening to e-books, including "LitRes: Read!" and "LitRes: Listen!" for mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and Samsung Smart TV.