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HSE Ambassadors are the leaders of HSE University communities in different countries. They are mentors and some of the most active alumni community members united on a territorial basis.

The HSE Alumni Ambassador Programme promotes the University as an educational and expert think tank in countries all over the world through the alumni community.

The purpose of the Programme is to promote networking and friendly relations among graduates living in different countries.

Telegram-chat for graduates living abroad

What do ambassadors do?

  • organize meetings of HSE University alumni in their country of residence;
  • assist in carrying out business events - conferences, round tables;
  • promote business relations among graduates;
  • provide comprehensive support and assistance to young alumni in finding employment abroad;
  • coordinate fundraising activities for the HSE Outstanding Alumni Endowment Fund;
  • provide information for graduates who have been successful in their professional activities;
  • advise on the establishment of offices in other countries and cities;
  • organize presentations of HSE University in order to attract new applicants.

How to start?

If you want to participate in the HSE Alumni Ambassador Programme, you should:


Write us a letter outlining why you want to become an Ambassador.


Make sure that there is no Ambassador in your country (city) yet.


Request the HSE Alumni Center to provide you with statistics on your region.


Create a core team and define your goals and objectives.

Submit application

Nikita Khokhlov

Ireland nvkhokhlovhse@gmail.com

Sabina Batyrshina

Uzbekistan umbrela95@mail.ru

Olga Leshchenko

Germany olgaleshenkoo@gmail.com

Ksenia Gavrilova

Egypt kggavrilova@gmail.com

Irina Belova

USA (San Francisco) vovk.irene@gmail.com

Anastasia Mikhaylenko

Netherlands mikhaylenko.a.b@gmail.com

Ekaterina Ivanova

Austria dr.ekaterina.ivanova@gmail.com

Hayk Daveyan

Armenia hayk.daveyan@gmail.com

Yulia Kazakova

Belgium ylkzkv@yahoo.com

Mikhail Sosnin

Greece mikhail.sosnin@gmail.com

Ruslan Aubakirov

Kazakhstan aubakirov.r.e@gmail.com

Levonyuk Oleg

Kyrgyz Republic olevonuk@gmail.com

Olga Sholkina

Luxembourg osholkina@gmail.com

Ekaterina Plastinina

UAE ekaterina.plastinina@gmail.com

Dmitry Sivaev

USA (Washington) dssivaev@gmail.com

Ksenia Bubukina

USA (Los Angeles) kbubukina@gmail.com

Artem Stafeev

USA (Los Angeles) stafeev@usc.edu

Leonid Mindyuk

USA (Chicago) lmindyuk@gmail.com

Roman Ustyantsev

Sweden drougojrom@yandex.ru

Natalia Sidelnikova

United Kingdom natalia.sidelnikova@inbox.ru

Anastasia Popova

France anastasiia.popova.s@gmail.com

Nadezhda Sporysheva

Switzerland sporysheva.nadya@gmail.com

Irina Mefedova

Italy Iramefedova@gmail.com

Egor Pelevin

Canada egor.pelevin@gmail.com

Alexandra Telegina (Vorobyeva)

UAE (Dubai) bienvorobien@ya.ru tg @vorobien

Veronika Nogovitsina

UAE (Dubai) vanogovitsina@gmail.com tg @vnogovitsina

Social networks

Check out the social media groups for HSE Alumni living in the USA and Europe (Great BritainFranceGermanyAustria and Portugal)